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Music I listen to (Part 1): Nier

Like a lot of people I know, I’m attached to my mp3 player (currently, an Itouch). I’m constantly listening to podcasts (which is another post), as well as music.

As I love video games, a lot of music I listen to comes from games I’ve played. Since some who follow me may be unfamiliar with just how great this genre canĀ  be, I’ll highlight some of them here from time to time.


This is a game I’ve played recently, and the story, characters, and music really captivated me. You play a father, named Nier, in a slowly dying world plagued by shadowy creatures called ‘shades’, that is trying to save his daughter Yonah from a disease called the Black Scrawl. When Nier gains an incredibly egocentric talking magical book, he gains the possibility of not only saving his daughter, but the world. Eventually joined by a meek child with magical powers and a foul-mouthed warrior (warning: language), they seek out to accomplish this. Then, when you play the game again, you learn some rather horrifying truths that throw everything into perspective.

It, uh, also has a great soundtrack. Only the final song is sung in actual languages; the rest is in made-up languages.

I’ll be filling this blog with more as I go on; I figured out that I should maybe introduce a little more about my tastes and likes than just art.