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March and April have been busy months for me. As I blogged about before, I lost one of my beloved cats, and thus, for a recent art auction for a local charity, I interpreted the theme ‘Treasures Within’ as that of pets. If anything, there’s something very precious about the bond between pet and person, no matter what the animal. It actually was made for a frame with three slots, so you’re not seeing the complete picture as it would be presented.

Next is an ‘imaginary koi’ piece I did with an art student, showing her certain techniques and properties of certain types of watercolor paint. She definitely caught on very well and experimented on her own, which is exactly the sort of way I wanted her to approach it.

The next piece is another bird for my grandpa, this time a female to go with the male cardinal he has. He’s been adjusting to a new way of life, despite coming back home, and I wanted to give him something to encourage him to keep going.

Lastly, well. What can I say? I love my job as a teacher’s aide.

Springtime is time for cleaning up the gardening and the yard, which means cleaning up the pond and preparing it for plants. Of course, this means we have to temporarily move some of the pond’s inhabitants, koi and frog alike. I figured this was a good time to capture a picture of the koi we have. Unfortunately, my second favorite, a black/silverish one with an extremely long tail, was in the tub with the frogs, so there was lots of mud to hide in. The white one with the orange spots, however, was there. It’s always fun to see what new koi have appeared- the black and orange one is new to me. Of course, there’s some pictures of Toto in there, being, well, Toto.

….. It’s been a good year for frogs.

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