More birds and belated valentines!

I've been busy- working with kids, even if it's three times a week, can really take a lot out of you. I'm glad I have those days inbetween to devote to artwork, errands, chores, and the like, because then, when I'm at work, I can focus on giving my all there and relaxing when I get back.

My grandpa is recovering in the hospital after a scary episode- he's made a wonderful recovery and currently is in rehabilitation for various things to improve his ability to manage things when he goes back home. I'm so happy he's doing well! He may be missing his birds, however, so I gave him a bird of his own: a cardinal, specifically. Maybe by the time he gets back there will be robins in his yard!

The second picture is a valentine I did for the kids at the Pre-K I am an aide at. I used printable business cards, which were perfect, though I forgot to get any candy. It's been about twenty years since I had to pass out valentines to classmates! I hope the kids forgive me. I myself have so much candy that I don't know what to do with it all! They're so sweet to me it's unbelievable.

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