New(ish) Products on my Etsy page!

Just in time for spring- flower prints!

I bought a sample pack of paper from Twisted Limb Paperworks from a shop in Bloomington last Christmas, after falling in love with the quality and uniqueness of each piece. As an experiment, I glued some prints of my flowers on them, making them sort of floating frames for my watercolor prints. They turned out so well that I’m now selling them on Etsy! I wanted to link to the company in my description, but it was against Etsy’s rules to link other websites in descriptions, so the shout-out will have to be here instead.

The first pictures I took weren’t as good as I liked, so I just updated them using some good ol’ photoshop elbow grease magic. Maybe later I’ll do a tutorial so that other people can use photoshop to enhance their own Etsy paper products.

WordPress has been behaving thus far, except I can’t find a plug-in yet that wants to play with my super secret livejournal account. The main annoying thing is all the spam comments! I have to keep logging in to moderate them- if you comment on here and I accidentally mark you as spam, I apologize!

This will also be my first real post using the repost system I have set up, so expect some bugginess until I figure out what I’m doing.


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