Projects I’ve been working on!

I was ill since about the last week of June, and only since last week have I been well enough to work on the various projects I had going.

First off was my piece for the Art Sanctuary‘s annual “Variations on a Theme” contest. Here is an edited copy:
 photo 2013-7-SonatainBlue.jpg

An unedited copy was uploaded here, and you can visit the DA page for it here. Much love is given to the people who freely offered their photos up as stock. I’m hoping to do a tutorial here about how to work with table salt and watercolor- I didn’t have any kosher salt on me, so it was… a different experience.

Next are the photo shoot panels for the local fair! The angle I took the photo at skews them a bit, but thank god they’re finally done! The unpainted places are where the hole is going to be, so people can put their faces in. That’s also why the heads are strangely shaped. I later put on text, but didn’t get a chance to take pictures of that stage.

 photo 103_3301.jpg
 photo 103_3302.jpg

Here’s some progress shots.

I’m thankfully doing a lot better now, and I count my blessings in that I rarely *do* get sick, not counting, say, allergies. However, when I do get sick, it’s often something stubborn.

I’m still getting used to WordPress (if this is Tumblr where you’re reading this, HI), as well. I still haven’t figured out a way to place links on the side so I can give shoutouts to great people, and I desperately miss the theme I had on my Posterous website. Unfortunately, a WordPress version of that theme has never been made, and the creators have no plans to do so. I’m hoping that I eventually find the perfect theme; so far, it’s just been ‘this’ll do, for now‘.

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  1. Congratulations on winning Best of Show! It was nice talking with you today when you came to pick up your art and award. Hope to see you soon. Stop in some day and we will have a messy art play day!

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